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Wellness Program

Hospitality Industry Wellness Program

Mickey Demos Boxing and Fitness is now offering a Hospitality Industry Wellness Program designed to improve employee performance as well as overall well-being and happiness. Boxing and regular exercise have been proven to improve productivity by providing stress relief and boosting confidence through fun, fast-paced exercises designed to maximize the body’s potential. Studies have shown that regular exercise improves mood and energy, increases time-management, and enhances mental and interpersonal performance, thereby improving employee customer service and productivity. Because we know how physically demanding hospitality industry jobs can be, and how important it is to have regular fitness activity in order to keep up with the demands of work, we offer a special membership rate of $89 per month instead of the regular $119 membership cost (a 25% discount from our standard monthly rate). Our gym offers a variety of boxing classes throughout the day starting at 6:00 am, including a convenient lunch hour class at 12:00 pm, allowing employees who work late hours to enjoy a regular boxing fitness routine. Please see our class schedule attached here for your convenience.

Complimentary Employee Team Building Class (7-25 Participants)

Our employee team building class starts with a warmup and stretch designed to prepare the body for an intense boxing workout. The class is designed to condition the entire body, implementing strength training techniques in addition to standard boxing exercises. Because boxing fitness is the basis of the class, the exercises implement core training, intervals, and coordination skills movements which work together to optimally condition the participants. We include individual exercises as well as partner training drills, where we instruct a specific task to be completed with each partner’s support on a given time frame. We also encourage teamwork and leadership through a group exercise where the class is divided into two different teams. A leader is randomly selected to direct each team through a set of instructions. Our class strives to focus on teamwork, time management, collaboration, and leadership, which is essential for optimal employee performance in any industry.

Why take our complimentary team building boxing fitness class?

  • Boosts employee morale
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Builds trust
  • Helps ease conflicts
  • Increases collaboration
  • Creates effective communication
  • Improves time-management skills
  • Enhances mental and interpersonal performance
  • Better customer service from your employees creates greater guest satisfaction and loyalty.


Please contact us to schedule your complimentary team building class